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Jefferson County, Pennsylvania!

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Why Jefferson County?

Natural Delights

Step into the world of the Punxsutawney Phil and experience the marvel of nature in places like the Mahoning Shadow Trail, offering breathtaking vistas and encounters with wildlife.

Brookville's Historic District

Walk through time in Brookville, a place where every brick and beam echoes tales from the past. From grand Victorian homes to heritage sites, it's a journey back in time.

Authentic Experiences

Engage with our tight-knit communities, from Reynoldsville to Punxsutawney. Attend local events, savor home-grown cuisine, and immerse yourself in our rich traditions.

Adventure Awaits

Whether you're exploring our vast trails, fishing in our serene lakes, or camping under the starlit sky, Jefferson County promises an adventure for every soul.

A Celebration of Seasons

Jefferson County wears each season with pride


As winter retreats, the county blooms, ushering in festivals, farmers' markets, and nature at its finest.


Bask in the warm sun, enjoy outdoor concerts, and partake in our river and trail adventures.


A spectacular display of amber and crimson blankets the county. Join us in harvest celebrations and leaf-peeping ventures.


Beyond the famous Groundhog Day, winter in Jefferson transforms the land into a serene, snowy haven ideal for cozy getaways.

Tailored to Every Visitor

Whatever your travel persona, Jefferson County welcomes you:

  • Family-friendly Escapades
  • Couples’ Retreats
  • Adventure-packed Expeditions
  • Peaceful and Quiet Vacation Getaway
  • Start Your Journey Here
Visit Jefferson County with many things to do!